Peace of Soul

Extraordinary Trips

"In the Noisy Confusion of Life, Keep Peace in Your Soul."
​                                                                                 - Max Ehrmann
The idea of our trips is organizing one of a kind, unforgettable experience and visiting different countries, some of which you have already visited but the experience with us will be totally different.

During every trip, we will be accompanied by a famous certified Instructor in the fields of Meditation, Energy and healing. 

Our first trip was in October 2015, we were a group of 9, we went to Kashmir, India. Our guest of honor during this trip was Mariam Emara, Mariam is a certified trainer and Life Coach in the field of Meditation and energy healing as well as pranic healing.

We had mediation sessions in beautiful areas in Kashmir; gardens, mountains and in our resident place which was a unique experience for the group as we stayed in a houseboat in Nigin Lake.

Our future trips will include Malaysia, Georgia, Kenya, South Africa, Oman and many more countries. 

Moreover, we will be arranging trips in Egypt throughout the year.
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